Ecommerce Reviews

Why Ecommerce Reviews Make a difference and How to get them working for your business.
Do Ecommerce Product Reviews Matter?

Why Should We Care About Our Ecommerce Product Reviews

Reviews Build Customer Trust –  Any business should always build customer trust. But e-commerce sites need it. Reviews on your website are vital. Before trusting a company, customers read online reviews.

Reviews Aid SEO (SEO). You know the value of SEO as an e-commerce business. Reviews can help your website rank higher in search engines.

Reviews provide extra details of customer experience –  It’s important to write appealing and detailed product descriptions.   Your product description probably does not address specific buyer concerns.  Having a good number of reviews can fill in extra details that a specific customer might have questions about.
Reviews Can Increase Sales – When shopping online, do you prefer a product with lots of reviews or none? We know that consumers prefer products with reliable reviews. They can provide an unbiased perspective and help customers feel more comfortable purchasing your product.


After-purchase emails

Emails received after a purchase are opened twice as frequently as promotional emails.

The expense of acquiring a new client is ten times that of selling to an existing customer. Existing customers are nine times more likely to convert and spend 500 percent more than new consumers. You now understand why Amazon is attempting to get you to join Prime.

Despite the statistics, most marketers ignore post-purchase email sequences. They only send a receipt. As a result, an opportunity to convert new consumers into long-term customers is lost.

With a few simple post-purchase emails, you can increase your conversions, nurture your customers, and generate repeat sales.

Give review initiatives for loyal customers

You will want to thank your consumers for taking the time to fill out your survey or send in their feedback. You can learn a lot from even the most critical assessment.

Coupons or discount vouchers can be used to entice customers to share their thoughts with the world.

A legitimate practice is to incentivize customers for writing evaluations. Buying reviews is a bad idea. Rather than asking you to write a review with the perspective or spin you want, you should just ask them to give their honest feedback.

Review Initiatives and Google Reviews
Get Ecommerce Product Reviews

A Few Ways to Get Ecommerce Product Reviews

Send an email to customers as soon as possible after they complete a purchase.
To inquire about their experience, you should contact your customer within a specified amount of time after they receive their order. This is also a great time to ask for feedback on their purchase.

Encourage satisfied customers to provide feedback to customer service.
The simplest and most efficient way to get evaluations for your company is to ask for them when a line of communication is already open.

Use third-party User-Generated Content (UGC) software.
Another great way to increase reviews is to use third-party providers like Reevoo or PowerRatings.

Enlist the help of social media influencers to generate product reviews.
Thanks to social media, people may now contact with one another from anywhere in the world, as well as develop their own profitable online brands.