How to get Positive Google Reviews

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How to get Positive GMB Reviews

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Getting Positive Google Reviews is Important

In today’s world, soliciting customer feedback is one of the most effective ways to obtain genuinely positive reviews with which new clients can identify. Because online reviews can be extremely beneficial to your business, it is well worth your time to speak with a client and request a review.

Your Google Reviews are extremely valuable and crucial to your business. They assist you in developing an online reputation, establishing a high level of brand trust, and providing the social proof required to influence consumer behavior

How to ask for Google Reviews
How to Get Google Reviews

How to Get Positive Google Reviews

Create an email newsletter that includes a link to a review form on your website or social media page, and include a gift card or coupon code worth $25 or more to a popular restaurant or similar insentive.

Also, call them and inquire about their experience. Listen carefully and pay close attention to any problems they may have had. If they appear pleased with their experience, ask for a review, provide a link, make it as simple as possible.

Turn a Bad Review into a Good One

It goes without saying that the customer experience begins before you even meet them most likely. Review the path your customers take from seeing your branding or logo for the first time, to being contacted by you to see how their experience.

In the unfortunate event that one of your clients has had an unfavorable experience, be proactive in making it right. Contact them as soon as the review is up. Let them talk about any issues they’ve had.  Do everything you can to make it right, and offer them compensation.

Turn a Bad Review into a Good One
When Google Reviews Disappear or Never Show

When Google Reviews Disappear or Never Show

Disappearing reviews have been systemic recently. There are many possible reasons why your Google reviews may have disappeared including the following:

Links in embedded reviews are marked as spam. False reviews are being temporarily disabled. Your company has only recently been added to Google. The Google Business Profile you have is not active. Or the account of the reviewer is inactive.  Ruling out these possible causes can be very helpful.

Speaking With Google or Web Service Company

Collect as much proof as possible indicating that your recent reviews are not being displayed. Screenshots of Google Business Profile reviews may be submitted.

For assistance with missing reviews for Google Business Profiles that have not been recently suspended, you must contact Google Support.

Speaking With Google or Web Service Company

When they’re feeling better about you and your company, let them know how important your reviews are to your company and the effects of the bad ones. Let them know you’re not asking them to pretend their experience was different from the beginning but to take another look at it. And offer them a small but valuable gift as compensation for their experience.